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Buy Cotton Kurta, Printed Kurtis, Tunics for Women Online

 We bring a contemporary and comfortable range of kurtis and tunics for women and women kurtas online with the latest range & collections. They can be teamed up with pants, palazzo, and tunic. Utmost comfortable yet classy for the professional look and easy to handle for a casual look. Crafts we have been working to develop our collection are:

Hand block printing: It is a beautiful and pristine printing process in which wooden block carved with beautiful motif have been used to print on fabric. Block printing is a complex form of craft done on fabric extensively in a different part of India. It has got a different name as per variations in work and regions such as dabu and Chhapa in Rajasthan, Kalamkari in Andhra and Ajrak in Gujarat.

Bagh print: It is hand block printing technique practiced in Bagh district of Madhya Pradesh India. It is many century-old craft that use hand carved block and natural color to develop beautiful motif on fabric. Steps to make beautiful printed product include intensive process of block printing and flowing water washing. Buy Kurtis Online now.

Indigo: Indigo is one of the first identified natural and skin friendly dye. Artisans of Rajasthan has been involved in dabu mud resist hand block printing and indigo dyeing hundreds of year. Indigo dyeing and resist printing is multiple step process that involved expertise, patience and creative skill.
Handloom cotton: Handwoven breathable and authentic cotton has been used to make collection. Hand weaving is an intrinsic process done on the loom through two sets of yarn called as warp (lengthwise arrangement) and weft (widthwise arrangement).

Our bestseller cuts and patterns in Kurtis and tunic are:

Straight fit kurti: Perfect for office as well as casual wear. Albeli, Bagh- E- Bahara and Memory Lane have such beautiful range of kurtis

Panel cut kurti: Another comfortable and smart pattern that brings a confident aura around your look. Perfect for office wear. Albeli and Bagh- E- Bahara has such a beautiful range of kurtis

Anarkali cut: Regal in look. These patterns are perfect for special occasions. Our mail collection that brings such kurtis are Bagh-E- Bahara

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