About us

Co-founded by Kavita Jaiswal and Anjali Jaiswal, Bebaak is homegrown label based in Chhattisgarh, India. Incepted with belief that your outlook is an expression of your choices, Bebaak brings contemporary product range inspired from folk art and craft of India. All our products are authentically handcrafted, made by grassroots artisans of India. Patience and effort of handwork surely reflect on our collection that creates an enigmatic aura.                      

We extensively work in the variety of handcrafted textile including handloom, hand embroidered and hand block printed fabric to develop apparel and jewelry range for women. Through versatile collections, Bebaak is aiming to bring more recognition to dying craft and craftsmanship. 

Handwoven pure cotton apparel online at bebaakstudio.com

We at Bebaak, believe in and promote sustainable fashion, zero wastage, and ethical business practices. We are working toward to build a strong organization that can give better employment opportunity to the indigenous artisans and makes handcrafted collections more accessible to customers through comfortable silhouettes and affordable pricing. 

Handwoven pure cotton apparel online at bebaakstudio.com

How we support to Artisans and preserving craft:

  • We work with rural artisans and women' group to develop our collection. 
  • Your every purchase with Bebaak is helping artisans for the better life
  • Value to the craft and sells motivate artisans to work more
  • We believe in the transparent system, good payment and happy work life for the people working with us. Bebaak aim to give quality of products, good value, and good service to our customer
  • Bebaak does product and marketing related intervention to promote craft and craftsmanship. 
Artisans of Bebaak