Albeli: the women of all season

Albeli: the women of all season

She is smart yet conscious, she is confident but receptive, she has her own fear but she knows life can’t be lived under the fear

She believes in effort. Effort to conquer the fear and her own doubts. She is Albeli, who accept herself as she is and working on, to become the better version of herself.

In the process of this self-discovery, she is learning to appreciate authenticity, being more interested in long conversation, long walk, slow processes and real friendship.

At Bebaak, we have dedicated our new authentically hand block printed cotton collection to such women of all season. The pastel shade apparels with comfortable silhouette are perfect for the tropical weather. The collection includes Dresses, Tunic, Kurtis and Palazzo.

Printed cotton maxi dress

Cotton flare dress

Cotton Pink flare dress

Flare cotton dress

Cotton Kurti and palazzo

Pink cotton kurti and palazzo

 White cotton top

Pleated cotton tunic

Pink cotton top

About Collection: Albeli is a collection of Hand block printed apparel celebrating sunshine with the beauty of authentic craft, comfortable silhouettes and pestle shades.
Albeli collection celebrate the women for all season, who is comfortable in her skin but always pushing her boundaries to explore new in life.

Craft story: Hand block printing is beautiful and pristine printing process in which wooden block carved with beautiful motif have been used to print on fabric.
Block printing is a complex form of craft done on fabric extensively in different part of India. It has got different name as per variations in work and regions such dabu and Chhapa in Rajasthan, Kalamkari in Andhra and Ajrak in Gujarat.

Artisans: Hand blockprinting is done by artisans of Sanganer, Rajasthan.
Stitching and finishing is done by womens' group based in Chhattisgarh

Disclaimer: Imperfection is beauty of handcrafted things. Hand blockprinted product might  carry certain irregularities which sign of authentic hand crafted work. 

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