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Tops & Shirts: Casual and Smart Cotton Tops for Women

Ladies Tops

Bebaak brings stylish and comfortable range of cotton shirt, tunic and Top for office wear. All our tops and tunics are made from handcrafted textile. Ladies tops are best to buy from us. Our collection include:

Tops for Women

Regular fit Top and shirt: Regular fit ladies tops are comfortable and easy to carry. They can team up with jeans, trousers and skirt. Perfect as office wear as well as casual wear.

Antifit Shirts: We will talk why you must have some gathered loose fit top/ shirt!
When you feel some extra bulges: Did you experience sudden uninvited bulges around your tummy and waist? Gathered loose tops are best in such occasion the pattern easily cover it with effortlessly.
For Relax clothing day: There have been days when all you want is to wear utterly comfortable cloth. Considering that you are working it is not possible to wear your baggy cotton old tshirt! I Loose fit gathered top/shirt can be your savior on such days. Being loose, comfortable yet stylish it keeps balance between your inner feeling and external demand. Team your gathered top with palazzo, cotton pant or with skit for relax look. Tops for women are available in different ranges. 
For easy breezy look: Then comes vacations, an outing friends around beaches and on mountains, as your feel inside the outlook surly should goes with it. You can team up you loose fit shirt/ top with shorts for comfortable and smart look.
For some body type: If you have lean body structure or thing body structure, loose fit top with skin fit jeans give such a smart.
Crop Shirt and Tops: We bring quirky and smart crop tops to team up with your jeans, palazzo and skirt. You can also select any top for office wear purpose also.
We in Bebaak have beautiful, authentically hand woven cotton shirts and top that can bring unique and versatile style statement in your wardrobe.We have been using different craft such as block print, Hand loom cotton, Ajrakh and many other crafts to develop this products.Our main collection that offer variety of tops are Memory Lane, Cotton Breeze and Albeli.

All through history, a variety of outside impacts and inside tendency has prodding ladies over the sphere concerning their decisions in apparel. While clear factors, for example, declaration and affection are a portion of the reasons why a lady puts on the clothing she picks early in the day, attire likewise fills in as an intense method to express and convey personality. Beneath you will discover a portion of the thinking behind the present dress choices and mold relating to ladies. At Bebaak Studio, you may find out the exclusive ladies tops and shirts for every age lady or women. So, let’s discuss few more points in it.


While the idea of unobtrusiveness is diverse for every last place in time, finished the years it has assumed a critical part in ladies' form. In different parts of the world and eras, it was disapproved of or prohibited for a lady to flaunt her legs, shoulders, back, and cleavage. While the Unified Expresses never again implements strict social strategies on ladies and the garments they wear, a few societies still maintain the part of unobtrusiveness in ladies' mold.

Excellence and Enticement

One of the basic reasons a lady slips into the sultry dark dress for a mixed drink party or picks a jeans suit that matches her eye shading is to make an enthralling appearance. After some time, the perfect of splendor includes changed inside various societies, where cleavage-bearing shirts, tops for women, tight skirts, and high trims never again tie ladies' form. The view of magnificence is distinctive for all, where an expanding measure of ladies foregoes dressing to awe others, and now pick their apparel as indicated by what influences them to feel appealing and charming.

Reliant upon the wearer, a perfect dark tailored suit with a fresh white nabbed shirt is similarly as engaging as a full-length formal outfit. Now and again, simply the correct extras include an alluring completing touch, for example, a couple of sagging studs or eye-getting open-toe shoes. State of mind and self-assurance likewise elevates a closet, which is superbly excellent and appealing in its own right.


Ladies' clothing decisions are likewise stimulated by their status or location inside a social gathering, as a few pieces point out a particular association. This is found in the skirts or tops or the shirts worn by a school tennis group or the detailed robes worn by individuals from different ethnic diversity eminence. In India corporate administrators, legal advisers, and other high-wage vocation positions are regularly distinguished by the kind of garments worn.


Different types of ladies' design are put to one side for particular services and events that check remarkable minutes throughout her life. This is found in the normal clothing for weddings; the outfits of a Bebaak Studio; or the ivory gathered bhagh printed boho top evening dresses for 15-year-old Latina young ladies. These dresses are frequently detailed, garish, exemplary, or unique in clothing that hold strange importance.

So, select now the ultimate range of tops for women online only at Bebaak Studio. We offer pure cotton apparel with best quality.