Dresses: Contemporary and comfortable

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We bring trendy and comfortable dresses suiting to tropical weather and aesthetics. Our collection also includes office wear cotton dress for ladies. Here are details of some of the bestseller silhouettes in Dresses. 
Gathered Dress: The gathered dress comes with comfort and easy look.
Short Flare Dress: Short flared dresses are fun and smart in look. Being versatile in look, this is perfect as office wear as well as casual wear.
Long Flare Dress: Long flare dresses brings an aura of strong personality. They can be your choice for the ethnic look and unique dress for the contemporary look.
A Line Dress: A Line dresses are elegant in look and give a lean look due to its silhouettes.
Paneled Dress: Panel cut dresses have a lean look same as Aline cut but it also brings the regal personality of flare dress.
Pleated Dress: Pleated dresses brings vintage classic look. Each piece from pleated dress collection is sophisticated and smart
Bebaak offers versatile cotton dresses inspired from handcrafted textile of India. They are perfect for casual outing as well as for work, taking care for utmost comfort and classy style. Block printed dresses are quirky and vibrant in look while hand-woven dresses are classic and confident in look.
With the aim to promote handmade clothing, we continuously bring new collection for the customers. Our new collection of dresses includes Albeli, Unbound, and Memory Lane Collection.
Albeli collection: Include maxi dress, pleated dress and Angarkha dress that are perfect for Indian summer. This collection is inspired from Block printing craft of Rajasthan, India
Bagh- E- Bahara: The collection includes long flared and maxi dresses embellished with gota work and hand embroidery. The collection offers some best dresses for the festive and wedding season. Bagh- E- Bahara is inspired from Hand block printing craft of Bagh, Madhya Pradesh.
Memory Lane: Memory lane is a collection of hand-woven and hands embroidered cotton apparel cherishing comfort with elegance and style. The product range includes classic dresses.