Winter Essential : Silk Stole

Winter Essential : Silk Stole

As winter is approaching, we start looking for warmth, a warm conversation, a warm touch, a warm feeling! Bebaak brings beautifully handwoven and hand embroidered silk stole to celebrate the soft sunrays. The silk stoles are contemporary in look and can be paired with different outfits such as with tunic, with dresses and with woolens

Here are some of our favorite

With the floral pink motif that is crafted with hand embroidery, the silk stole looks elegance. The ivory piece is great for autumn, winter and spring weather considering the soft fabric and soft color.

The peach-pink stole look utterly vibrant. It is one of the perfect stole to team with western wears and jeans- top look. The hand embroidered heart bring charming aura with them.

Sophisticated and classy the grey silk is one of the best stole from our collection. Elegant hand embroidery is done on the stole to craft floral motifs. The floral motives are a synonym to the flourishing aura of autumn and winter.

Another soulful and deep colour with patchwork. Beautiful hearts have been crafted on silk stole with patchwork and hand embroidery. Perfect scarf to wrap around in winter sunshine.

Styling of stole

  • Pairing with tunic

  • With dresses

  • With Jeans and tops

  • With woolen

Occasions for silk stole styling

  • At high tea
  • A winter evening date
  • A casual outing with friends
  • In office meetings 

About Kosa Silk

Kosa is a fine quality of silk woven in Chhattisgarh, India. It is utterly comfortable and exquisite woven silk variety. Made from one of the indigenous variety of silkworm, Kosa is different from other silk in terms of texture and feel. Kosa fabrics are light in weight and soft in touch. There are many clusters

in Chhattisgarh in Korba, Champa, and Bilaspur, weaving kosa silk. Kosa silk sarees are utterly regal in look and easy to carry. Dewangan community of Chhattisgarh are expert in the weaving of kosa silk.

While you can find kosa silk sarees with weavers and retailers, it is tough to find equally elegant handwoven silk stoles and scarf. Bebaak is trying to fill that gap with beautiful kosa silk stoles collection. You can check the more about the collection on our website













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