Wardrobe essential in Black

Wardrobe essential in Black

We all love black.. Don’t we? Somehow It merges with all our imperfection & brings out our best self. The black outfits not only declare that you are edgy but also poised & sophisticated.


As much as blacks are exclusive they are essential for your classy statement & here is why!

  • Black suits to every occasion from romantic dates to brunch with your girl pals
  • They comes with slimming effect covering all those extra inches with its deep canvas
  • They blend perfectly with all kind of skin & feature, only bringing best of their personality.
  • Black dresses are timeless & wold never go old or out of fashion
  • Last but not least it easy to maintain & care black outfits.

While the possibilities of black outfits are endless many a times it gets confusing to find out what best suits to you. We at Bebaak has understood this struggle & came with Surmayee, our deep black shade collection with silhouettes crafted with our deep understating of style, fashion & aesthetics.

Here are our 5 pick from the collection for your classy wardrobe

  1. Sarah black pleated dress


Our master piece with fine kantha embroidery & refined pattern. The pleated midi dress is for you if you love minimal, classy & edgy style. The dress comes has pocket & comes with elegantly crafted textile belt enhancing the oomph of overall look.

  1. Surmayee Tier Dress


Cute, charming & dress with twirls for your playful vibes. The interesting back detailing helps you to accentuate your beautiful curves & enjoy all the fabulous compliments. Made with artisan made cotton the dress is perfect example of how conscious fashion can be happening, charming & prettiest.

  1. Halterneck black tunic set


A tunic set to spice up your style with the elegance of ethnic aura & charm of modern cut. Embellished with beautiful circle of life motifs crafted using kantha embroidery, the tunic is chic & sensual while the wide bottom palazzo has all the comfort & space to adjust your every struggle.

  1. Moonlight black co-ord


The same on same black ensemble is a perfect am to pm outfit for all the working women. It is sophisticate & sharp for meeting rooms as well as versatile for post office outing. The co-ord include close neck top & wide bottom palazzo, setting perfect tone for your ambitions, aspiration & go getter spirit.

  1. Surmayee Skirt set


If you love experiments with your style, this niche & understated skirt is for you. Coming from the italic era of sophistication & allure, the co-ord create new rhythm to your look. The ensemble included pleated & hand embroidered skirts having fine kantha detailing with shades of pink & high color black crop top.

 Each outfit of the collection is crafted with utmost sincerity & love to provide you mystical & beautiful experience of black colour clothing.  The fabric is handwoven & pure cotton, crafted by our indigenous weavers while all the earthy embellishment, hand embroidery & fresh knots are done by our women artisans based in the heartland of India.


Our each collection is an effort to give you a soulful experience with slow fashion, beautiful style & artisans’ effort. We believe fashion can change the world & we at Bebaaks is passionately working toward to conserve our planet, cultural heritage, local economy with our small steps.

We offer size customisation & length customisation in outfits without any extra cost. For any customised order you can always reach us with your order number immediately after placing the order.

For any query or shopping related assistance, you can reach us on: hello@bebaakstudio.com or +91 8800179305.

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