Wardrobe essential: Gathered loose fit top and shirt

Wardrobe essential: Gathered loose fit top and shirt

“Apprehension is the wall to cross in process of learning new things!”

I have seen girls being apprehensive on trying new things as it do not align with their current fashion statement. But till the time you don’t try new looks and pattern how one can be sure. Perhaps it’s all about being in comfort zone. But LIFE BEGINS AT THE END OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

Today we will talk why you must have some gathered loose fit top/ shirt! 

When you feel some extra bulges

    Have you ever experienced sudden uninvited bulges around your tummy and waist? Gathered loose tops are best in such occasion the pattern easily cover it with effortlessly.


     For Relax clothing day


    There have been days when all you want is to wear utterly comfortable cloth. Considering that you are working it is not possible to wear your baggy cotton old tshirt! I Loose fit gathered top/shirt can be your savior on such days. Being loose, comfortable yet stylish it keeps balance between your inner feeling and external demand. Team your gathered top with palazzo, cotton pant or with skit for relax look.

      Grey loose fit tunic Sea green loose fit top


    For easy breezy look

    Then comes vacations, an outing friends around beaches and on mountains, as your feel inside the outlook surly should goes with it. You can team up you loose fit shirt/ top with shorts for comfortable and smart look.


    For some body type

    If you have lean body structure or thing body structure, loose fit top with skin fit jeans give such a smart 

           Pink gathered loose fit top  Grey gathered loose fit shirt

    We in Bebaak has some beautiful, authentically hand woven cotton shirts and top that can bring unique and versatile style statement in your wardrobe. Some of them are here:

     ikat loose fit top

     For detail look and to shop the products, visit our website: https://bebaakstudio.com/

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