Those Blue Ghingham Co-ords!!

Those Blue Ghingham Co-ords!!

Here are few things about Gingham

  • Originated in one of the South Asian country, the gingham is derived from genggang meaning ‘striped’.
  • As the name suggested initially it was referred to the staple woven striped fabric but slowly transformed into check & striped where interaction between dark and light color palate is drafted on handloom along with warp and weft.
  • Generally, there is not front and backside on handwoven gingham as the colored yarn is used to weave the fabric.

Along with this interesting background, the most amazing thing about gingham is that it never goes out of style, always looking fresh and chic. In Bebaak, we have worked on blue gingham creating some amazing co-ordinate with the unique statements. 

The co-ords are versatile in look, comfortable to wear and comes with hassle-free styling.

Blue gingham tunic set

Three-piece set with a tunic - pant and kora floral stole. On odd days when you want to explore more, you can wear the tunic as a dress as well!!

Blue gingham co-ord

Three-piece set with gingham pant -scarf and kora top. Utterly comfortable and trendy ensemble for everyday style 

Blue gingham skirt set

Two-piece set of crop top and skirt. The skirt comes with an elasticated waist and pocket. The mandarine collar crop top brings a highly sophisticated aura along with it. 

The co-ords have both a wide range of sizes as well as a customization option. Made from stress-free and sweat-free pure cotton the co-ords are must-have for all the women seeking comfort with style

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