Tale of reinventing mesh cotton

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A transformative journey  that started with small glance & soothing touch.

Handwoven by indigenous weavers of Chhattisgarh, mesh cotton is one of our exclusive fabrics that not only comes with the warmth of handwork but has a surreal and relaxed texture.
Bebaak dresses
Our weavers have been weaving this fabric since long but the fabric has never got its due and have  been unexplored in terms of possibilities. No one knew or imagined that this blend kora fabric can transform into something fashionable.
Handloom dress
Our journey with mesh cotton started with a short glance and a soft touch, the addictive warmth of this fabric has led us to think and explore the possibility of this fabric.
Hand embroidered dress
And that how made our Kora, first mesh cotton collection where we incorporated beautiful floral hand embroidery with classy silhouettes with the kora mesh cotton in natural ivory color with hand embroidered detailing. We were and are still amaze to see how much you have loved out Kora collection. 
Kora Dress from Bebaak
Kora dress from bebaak
Kora kurta from Bebaak
In these years of your love and queries has inspired us to explore this soothing cotton more so this year we have launched Daisy!
Yellow midi dress
A collection  in which we hv incorporated the wonder of tie-dye craft  and hand embroidery with mesh cotton. And we are thankful again for showing your love to this collection with your order. 
Tie & dye
Tunic set
As much as we are grateful of our ongoing journey with handloom clusters of Chhattisgarh, we take immense pride in, how we have rediscovered and transformed this raw mesh cotton into beautiful silhouettes for you.
made in India Lavender dress
You can check all the gorgeous outfits made with mesh cotton under the collection Kora & Daisy. Feel free to reach us in case of any queries.

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