Sustainable fashion to sustain your day!!

Sustainable fashion to sustain your day!!

Be it Work, Virtual Celebration, or a House Party; Handloom comes in handy!

From finding discomfort in ‘Work-from-Home’ to genuinely loving it, the journey has been marvelous. We have now come in terms with the new lifestyle and learnt to make anything interesting within the comfort of our walls. Also, the scenario has brought in a deeper understanding of ‘Sustainable ways’. From Bebaak’s handmade clothing range, here I am going to unveil my favorite ensembles, which keep us comfortable all day for Work-from-Home and with a little modification, adorn us for virtual celebrations and small house parties.

Pink striped masakali skirt set

As elegant as the set is for work, it is equivalent plush to do house chores. At the same time, it liberates you to pair them separately with any combination of your choice. Now, keeping its color the highlight and giving the ‘pink’ its femininity, I am planning to put on the Skirt with an off-the-shoulder white crop top, for a virtual birthday party next weekend. Pink Crystal Teardrop Studs and a straight sleek hair will be the cherry on the cake. Try out the look with me and look irresistibly bright!

Kora side gathered sleeveless dress

‘The sorted us women are, the clumsier we can get” this is the case every time, we try on outfits with a goal to finalize ‘the one’ ha-ha, but hush! this is a secret we protect with our lives. For such days; relax, breath in, breath out and believe in the power of Ivories. This elegant piece lets you breathe in solace while working and lets you focus on arrangements for the evening movie plan (of course indoors). Now wash your hands at least for 10 seconds, pick any color of a denim jacket from your wardrobe and an Ivory/white footwear. Be the young cheerful girl you are for real, and radiate that enthusiasm of yours.

Block printed ocean green side gathered dress

The quarantine life had us all find the hidden artist within us. Here I am talking about a dress, oceanic by the look of it, and the feels as well, which you can wear for your work and for yourself. Take on the world by upping your game, with this Albeli Oceanic Green dress, spruced up with a heavily detailed Silver Choker and a messy bun. Today, is the day for you to go live on your social media handle, talk about your passion fervently, engage with your followers by showing them what a beautiful messed up art you are!

Ocean green jacket and palazzo: Set of 2 from GAFLAT

For a day all planned out with work in the day and an official virtual party in the evening, do not think twice and go for this Oceanic Green set with a Palazzo and a Jacket. Wearing them together, keep your professional vibe higher, and yet stay comfortable. Do not hustle post office hours to get changed yet, simply give the jacket some rest, style the palazzo with a black one-shoulder tank top and a green inspired tassel danglers. Go all out, effortlessly, will you!

Layered tunic set: Shrug, tunic and palazzo from Gaflat

Where you can trust that this set itself offers three different work looks with the tunic and palazzo, tunic and shrug, and all three together, I am about to show you a guise altogether unique, with an interesting twist. Get ready for a house party with close friends wearing only the shrug, pinned at the right places to imitate a swirly wrap dress. Top it off with a color-coordinated wide belt and a set of heels. Walk boldly, trusting the beautiful neckline, and let their eyes tell you the spark you carry. me, Fashion was never about being trendy and up-to-date. Fashion is what keeps me afresh yet pocket friendly. All the varied suggestions made in the blog can be easily found in your wardrobe, now is the time to dig in what you have and reuse smartly. Over a period of time I have come to learn that buying sustainable could be a choice for today but it holds a firm upshot for the future. Buy less, buy best and keep shuffling them to always get new results. Heed the words; our own belongings surprise us!

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