Summer with Daisy: Splash of colors, weaves & embroidery in your wardrobe

Summer with Daisy: Splash of colors, weaves & embroidery in your wardrobe

Summer is always about memories .. some old, some new & some in process kind of. This year we have added splash of soothing colors in our new collection Daisy to make all those in-process memories more beautiful. Daisy is refreshing combination of heritage craft, sustainability & elegant styling.

Summer Dress

Our mesh cotton was loved by all of you in Kora collection & this time we have taken another step & incorporated a new craft in the process.

Cotton Dress

 Sustainable fashion

We have incorporated Tie & dye in this collection giving fresh and joyful vibe. 

Yellow Dress

Tie & Dye, a traditional process of giving fabric color and patterns by knotting the threads in different arrangement crafting in different patterns. In Daisy, we have used this craft technique on handloom to develop new color patterns on the fabric .

Tie & Dye

This tie and dye work has been done our expert master artisan Dilshad and his team, based in Chhattisgarh. Dilshaad's family belongs to the traditional rangrez community, originally from Rajasthan. They hv migrated long back in Chhattisgarh and now building their craft work in this state only.

Along with tie & dye the collection is embellished with hand embroidered elegance. We have use soft daisy motif across the collection in different colors & format

Handcrafted fashion


 Crafted with mesh cotton, using tie & dye and embellished with hand embroidery, the collection has versatile silhouettes suiting to summer vibes.


Short Dress

 Skirt set for girls

You can check our the complete collection on our website:

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