Small steps: Minimize Carbon Footprint

Small steps: Minimize Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint: It is the amount of green house gasses released in environment due to activity of an Individual  (Personally & Commercially), community or organization

Why It is harmful

Mechanized process required high amount of energy consumption in the form of fossil fuels or electricity and produced high amount of green house gasses. All our activities that include high level of mechanization, have been leading to emission of green house gasses which is surpassing the capacity of our environment.

This extreme level of GHG is causing environment imbalance, ozone layer degradation and global warming.

Small steps for big change

  • Shop consciously : Choose fashion (Clothing, cosmetics, accessory) that has minimum artificial ingredients & process 
  • Know the value chain of your products: The knowledge will help you to choose wisely to minimize your carbon footprint
  • Choose seasonal fruits, local products & indigenous varieties over exotic one as late need high of chemical & energy to preserve 
  • Follow 3 R: That is reduce, Reuse & Recycle. The strategy requires versatile use, creative solution and conscious consumption 

  • Prefer renewable energy resources: Make slow shift from fuel based consumption in gadgets/vehicle to renewable energy resources
  • An optimize use of Electricity:  This may be cliché and old, but by saving electricity we limit a good amount of GHG emission 

It is long process to bring impact but small and continuous steps will definitely help us for better environment. 




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