Our Journey: Experience of small business in the time of Pandemic

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As we have recently completed 4th round of lockdown in my native city Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, in between my contemplation about Lockdown, here I am sharing my pandemic experience as an entrepreneur.

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Since unlock 1 (17th May onwards) our team at Bebaak has been continuously working on to fulfill orders, sometime working in half capacity ,sometime working only 4 days in week considering volatile scenario of Pandemic. 
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Here are some of our real time experience/ learning of last 6 months.
  • Orders have been average, if not high but as we hv entered 7th month post first lock down, It seems to be getting slower, giving us first hand experience of slow demand and making me realize ripple effect of this crisis
  • This time has made us to focus on possibilities as there is no option to survive other than being positive
  • As a business entity, the crisis has enhanced our passion for sustainability and ethical value chain. It has also strengthen my believe in ethical business practices and indigenous businesses.
  • As we are based in a second tier city of Chhattisgarh, this health and economic crisis has made us more ambitious to scale up our work in near future considering the need of employment at micro level

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Lockdowns, post primary phase have been tough work gets into halt and operations get paused.

I hope, soon we can roll on to work mode of old times. I hope, soon we get months when we can request our team to work on weekend & do some overtime. I am sure for sometime my team will be happily agree to do so..as we all are looking for more work
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