One dress different styling

One dress different styling

With believe that your outlook is an expression of your choices and personality, Bebaak brings utterly comfortable and stylish handmade clothing range for women.

Team Bebaak has been also working toward zero waste by developing handcrafted jewelry range from the leftover fabric. Over the period, we are realizing by developing versatile cotton apparel for women we can take another small step toward sustainability. As they say "Less is more", we are also working to make minimal silhouettes which can be styled in a different way. This’ll not only fulfill the purpose of smart clothing but unique look as well.

“Buy less, choose well and do it yourself!”  ― Vivienne Westwood

With this statement check out the styling of our button down red striped dress with belt

  • As a Shirt Dress with front knot

Red dress

This styling look smart and comfortable for daily office hour

  • As a front cut tunic

red dress

This style looks utterly sophisticated and confident. You can pair the tunic with jeggings or jeans. This look is perfect for formal meetings

  • As A line dress with back knot

Red dress

This is a neat and smart statement that goes perfectly for corporate meetings and conferences

  • Kimono dress

Dresses for women

For this statement, you have to wrap the belt around the waist. This is such a cool and charming styling of the dress.

P.S.: The difference in color of the dress is due to variation in light.

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