Necklace Collection: Choker Love

Necklace Collection: Choker Love

Trends are ephemeral while style is long lasting. Since some months choker is  back in trend. Many of us must have checked our old kit and jewellery box to find if a decade ago bought choker is still there! In Bebaak's textile jewellery collection, which is an initiative to promote zero wastage, we also got stuck in the race of trend. Being a brand which is promoting sustainable clothing, handcrafted products, our value lies in being ownself. We have developed a handcrafted collection  that has an eye for the trend and a belief of own uniqueness.

Bebaak’s choker collection is made up of upcycled textile and other add ones. It has been crafted with hand with personnel attention. The collection is sustainable with everlasting style. Here is some more details on the variety

  • Tara bead Choker




Upcycled fabric and different bead has been used to in this pattern. The bead chokers are elegant and have the charisma of handwork. It is versatile to carry enhancing the look of ethnic as well contemporary attire.

  • Boho Choker


Vibrant thread and shell is use with textile to use these choker .Boho choker is perfect with casual look and on day outing. It help to enhance the vivacious look.

  • Vintage Choker:


Vintage chokers are beautiful and hand embroidery inspired. These style of choker will go with sober ethnic as well western attire. Bringing the enigmatic aura in your look this must have collection.

  • Regal Choker


An extension of bead choker, this collection is elegant and pretty in look. It will go perfectly with any contemporary attire on special occasion. Any classy dress and tunic with these regal chokers is the statement look to have.

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