Making memories: Customers Diary of Bebaak

Making memories: Customers Diary of Bebaak

"My best memories are the ones we makes together"

While working on each collection & making each outfit, we at Bebaak think about theme, mood board & feel. Our imagination comes from our experiences & aspirations but priority of each outcome is, connect & comfort which we want to build through our silhouettes.

In the space of style, trends & fashion, we are working on holistic growth & sustainability. Its peaceful to see how comfortable our customers feel to make us part of their comfort & personal choices

When wandering hearts chooses us

They say exploring places is also the journey of inside revelations so when some of you make us part of your solo travel, visit to spiritual spaces or a day out picking strawberries in farm, it is kind of spiritual journey for us as well. Learning, exploring & improvising our work for your on going bon voyage 

Cotton Dress

Kora Dress from Bebaak

Feeling Good

In the midst of hectic schedule, with demanding job, with personal & professional responsibility when you get some time for yourself, those little moments of smile, blush & joy of self love are our inspiration. So when our effort transpired into beautiful outfit & that make you feel good, we feel good. Thanks for sharing your smiles with us.

 Bebaak Dress

bebaak dress

Finding comfort

There is no specific space of comfort. Its more about people you be with, places you connect with & things you enjoy, So when I say my comfort lies within my work or you say, your comfort is with places you have been to, at Bebaak we completely understand this feeling. It is milestone for us that we are able to make silhouettes which can be part of your close to heart space. 

Bebaak dress


If you are reading this and started your journey of sustainable clothing with us. Do share your experience with us. We are looking forward to listen you.

And if you are reading this & have already started sharing your Bebaak journey with us, we are grateful to you. You inspire us to learn & to explore.




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