Bloom: A fall edition

Bloom: A fall edition


As the name suggest Bloom is a collection that belongs to immersion of new ideas and new look. Made from Jacquard fabric the collection brings a vibrant and glorious range of overlays for fall.

Made on special looms, jacquard is all about handwoven motifs inspired by nature. In the warp weft arrangement of looms, designs are woven into the warp. Always be mindful that jacquard is a weaving technique, not embroidery or printing.

We have been amused with the intricate jacquard weaving and it was a joy to see a functioning unit in Chhattisgarh. Only in the summer of 2019 while our visit to Chhuikhadan Society (with whom we are working for our handloom), we realized that jacquard looms are not functioning any more due to the slow market. Though we wanted to work on jacquard for some time, this reality pushes us more to explore the craft, before it gets impossible to save the jacquard looms in our region.

Jacquard loom

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Considering the limited available designs here we are with Bloom, an exclusive and limited collection made by humble grass root artisans. The edition as 2-3 pieces in each design.

Bloom is our way to explore a new weaving craft, a new silhouette and a season! I hope the product range may bring a new style and a new feel in your wardrobe as well!

The Preview

 About Product

  • With nature-inspired motifs and versatile styling, each overlay of the collection is one of a kind.
  • Beautiful floral brooch and belt comes with overlays for the purpose of different styling
  • With the thick and stress-free construct, the overlays are perfect of the autumn-winter season

Style guide

  • Wear this overlay with pullovers, midi skirt, and dresses
  • Wrap a soft solid scarf to enhance the look

About Product

  • Fabric: Hand-woven jacquard fabric with the thick texture
  • Pattern: Freestyle overlay with pocket

 For detail look of the collection, follow the link:


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