3 things to know about Bagh Print

3 things to know about Bagh Print

Bagh print is heritage craft of India, having many stories & experience in its journey (Which we'll share soon). In the era of fast imitation & molded information, here we are sharing 3 core of bagh printing, that not only connect you more  with this craft but also help you to recognized the authentic bagh print collection.

1. Here is first thing: the native of Bagh in India

No one can understand the value of native or roots more than us human. Our roots are what has build us, the way we are. They are very much the soul of each of our story because of experiences, culture & connect. In similar way, the importance of native is important in a crafts journey as its the expression of the people, place & history. 

Bagh printing is a heritage craft of Madhya Pradesh. It is done by indigenous artisans of Bagh, Madhya Pradesh who have learned this craft from Khatris. Khatri community has inherited this craft from their ancestors.

bagh print

2. You may have seen limited color option in Bagh print reason being the colors are natural & obtained from local plants, shrubs & trees. Being exclusive & slow, nature provide us limited but beautiful colors. Some other derivative can made through them with natural process of dying. In bagh printing, red & maroon color comes from tamarind, yellow comes from turmeric and black comes from natural resources of iron .

bagh print 

 3. Quality of block printing 

Bagh printing is one of the rare hand block printing process that don't fade away with time. Dresses & fabric looks fresh even after year of use. 

We'll be sharing more about the history of bagh print in our upcoming blogs 


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