Audacity of Dream

Audacity of Dream

It make me amaze to see that how audacious my dreams are.Some time I saw these dreams as freaky, funny nomad who always stand with me while facing troubles,failures, unsuccessful attempts & all the other possible negative experience one do have in routine life. Many exposure to the new world have been so horrible that, I got afraid to move further. Some experiences have made me wonder, how will I survive happily..!!

But again I find this gypsy beside me, laughing at me as if she is saying "Enjoy with me, dance with me, the way you want. Very few people are out with whom I stand, in spite of all the poor situation.Yes people with luxury of life, have some advantage but the real thing that comes from inside is very rare, So if I am here with you then why you are worrying about anything. Let things go wrong, may be turning wrong is right for you. Let things turn miserable, may be your story start with cherishing the miserable moment"

And I find this hippy soo fascinating that in seconds I always start moving in the rhythm of her music !! My dream has made me so blunt that I have started to deny the attempt of life to make me lame.

Featuring Gulabo flared dress from Bagh- E- Bahara Collection of Bebaak.

About Product: The pink flare dress is pretty and magnanimous in look.

  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Pattern: The dress has criss- cross back neck pattern, creating an alluring look. Paneled flare is adding another layer of vivacity.
  • Features: Embellished with beautiful golden laces

About Collection: Bagh-E- Bahara collection is inspired from vintage craft, traditional patterns and contemporary look. It has old world charm and new era's styling. Developed from authentic craft of hand block printing and hand embroidery, the collection keep you absorb in some earthy harmony

Craft Story: Bagh print is hand block printing technique practiced in Bagh district of Madhya Pradesh India. It is many century old craft that use hand carved block and natural color to develop beautiful motif on fabric. Steps to make beautiful printed product include intensive process of block printing and flowing water washing. 

About Artisans: Hand block printing is done by the tribal artisans of Bagh, Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh. Stitching and embroidery is done by women artisans based in Chhattisgarh

For details look on collection, follow the link:

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