Artisans of Bebaak

Artisans of Bebaak

Artisans of BebaakWho is making my cloth? Does this question ever cross your mind while admiring the silhouette, finishing or embroidery? 

In continuation of the campaign #whomademycloth, started by Ms. Orsola de Castro and Ms. Carry Somers in 2013, England, we would like you to meet  our team members

Meet Rekha: Cutting Master

    Artisans of BebaakThe team leader, who is always ready to put an extra effort to make sure that work is getting done and at the same time keeping the environment lively with her infectious smile and constant little talks.

    Rekha didi is our cutting master,It was not a choice she made for herself but something Bebaak needed. In fact, she has an expertise in stitching and before joining Bebaak she was working independently as a tailor. But now she is completely into the apparel cutting.

    It has been a journey of learning and unlearning for both Rekha didi and Bebaak, to explore our own capabilities and she happily became the part of this journey. There have been moments of imperfection, confusion, and hurry that lead to chaos, sometimes memorable ones!

    Here are a few things about Rekha Didi:

    • Family, her family is her life. She loves to make designer dresses for her teenage daughter
    • She loves Hindi songs from 90s. All most all song. Are you also humming one of them!
    • She cooks delicious fish
    • Now she does get irritated when we ask her to get into stitching in case of an urgent issue. ( What we can do, we all are multitasking !)

    Meet Seema: Our stitching Expert

    Artisans of Bebaak


    An introvert and shy Seema, who is always ready to train the new team members. She has a solution for almost all stitching related issues. Seema has been with us since starting. We would struggle for days, as in how to make jackets, pockets, and embroidered collar! Now she has adapted with the change that comes with every season. Here are a few things about Seema:

    • She loves to take selfies!
    • Strive for perfection, something that we all can learn from Seema.
    • She loves to go out with her gang of girls, her colleagues! (We’ll be telling about in our upcoming series)
    • It is her choice to support her father and brothers by being financially independent 

    We share all your feedback, (positive and negative) with our team. It motivates them and at the same time reminds them that we still have a long way to go. One of the thing that makes our production team super happy is seeing customers in the outfits they have made. Keep sharing your feedback with Bebaak’s outfit, It helps us to improve.

    Stay connected, we'll be introducing you to other girls in upcoming series, who are making your cloth. 

    Artisans of Bebaak

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