A conscious festive edit: Neer

A conscious festive edit: Neer

The new collection Neer: A conscious festive edit is special not only because of sustainable value chain but also due to the thoughtful approach to make this collection. It has been crafted with the consciousness to optimize the resources, to minimize the waste, to reinvent own creativity, and to keep working for our calling.

Considering the limitation of logistics and limited resources during Pandemic, this time we have collaborated with the weavers' society of Chhattisgarh to optimize their available resources, which includes planning collection not as per own year plan but as per available color options and weaves. Hope the collection brings new hope and positivity to each of us from artisans to customers

Neer is synonymous with water in English. Similar to its name the collection celebrates fluidity of patterns and silhouettes. Each product of the collection is a versatile and beautiful amalgamation of modern and traditional look.

Lotus and Roses are crafted along with the theme of collection which adds interesting aspect of craft and life philosophy.

Hand embroidered details

Lotus, a symbolism of beautiful survival❤️ Through its journey Lotus tells the power of acceptance and harnessing own path accordingly. As we are celebrating the spirit of acceptance, fluidity and survival in our new collection Neer, hand embroidered lotus have been crafted along the range signifying the same value and love.

Rose, a symbol of inner wisdom to us. With its path, Rose has been a beautiful example of wisdom and patience. A Natural rose always grows with thorns knowing that it may need some other strength/skill to protect itself from outside. Rose comes with the most enchanting looks and fragrance without a fancy body and by optimizing nutrients provided to it. In our collection Neer, we have used hand- embroidered rose motifs along the collection celebrating the same humble background and wisdom of rose.

Some of our favorite pick from the collections are

Tunic Set

Classy and evergreen, the Straight cut tunic set is perfect for every occasion, from small get together to special occasions.

Elegant roses are handcrafted over the body of the tunic. French knot detailing on the neck and on sleeve ends. Palazzo has pockets and elasticated waist


With ethereal and soothing color this lotus midi dress is the epitome of elegance. Hand embroidered lotus has been crafted along with empire line. The dress has a side pocket and comes with lining.

Handmade clothing

A tunic set with effortless styling. The gathered placket tunic has a hand-embroidered polka dot on the body. Straight paint has elasticated waist and pockets

Cotton pink dress

The gathered dress with hand-embroidered rose detailing. The hem of the dress is embellished with crochet lace. Being versatile the dress can be styled as a tunic by pairing it with similar color bottom.

We are size inclusive brand. Along with suitable size option we offer size customization in case of requirement without any extra cost.  

You can explore the complete range of collection on our website www.bebaakstudio.com.

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