5 Outfit for your Work from Home

5 Outfit for your Work from Home

Work from home needs comfortable silhouettes and breathable feel as we need to look professional while all the office video call at the same time don't want to lose the comfort of home.

Here is our 5 pick which is ideal for work from home

      A kaftan that believes Comfort First wholeheartedly!!
      Made with hand-woven kora self cotton, the kaftan is adjustable from the waist. Beautiful polka dots are crafted on both side of the upper part. The hemline is enhanced with handmade crochet lace. The dress comes with a separate cotton slip

      Rosy Pink tunic set with comfort and style

      Kora collection is all about celebrating the natural process, unadulterated feeling, and slow process of handmade clothing.
      Embellished with delicate embroidery, the kora collection is made from handloom cotton, without any chemical color treatment. 
      The collection has comfortable silhouettes that celebrate Indian summer

      A coordinate for all the boss babe.
      The one who gets things done, who believes in introspection and who keeps reinventing herself. The set includes tunic and pant



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