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3 Skirts for the festive season

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Skirts are one the most versatile outfits for women. Versatile in terms of styling as well multipurpose use. Here are some ways to style your skirt:


    • Pairing with crop top: Crop top with the skirt looks quirky and smart. They bring a fresh air of style and look. This look can be styled up in traditional as well as casual occasions
    • Pairing with blouse: The ensemble of skirt and blouse brings an old charm of Indian look. It also creates an aura of a nomadic tribe along with. This look can try on a special occasion or in the festival
    • Pairing with kurta: Skirt and kurta ensemble look quite regal.  A perfect ensemble for traditional events and festivals.
    • And with a basic t-shirt: Yes you can team up the basic casual t-shirt with skirt. It looks super quirky and fun. Especially if you are the seeker of new styling and fresh look, this will be your kind of look!

    Some of our favorite skirt of this season are

    1. Blue flare and frill skirt



    With utterly regal blue color, the flared and frill skirt looks vibrant and traditional. This is one of the limited and exclusive skirt from Bebaak's collection. You can pair this skirt with a blouse, crop top, short kurti and long kurtas.

    2. Honey panel flared skirt



    The flared honey skirt comes with the gorgeous look. The muted color gives an earthy touch while heavy flared gives a high spirited feel to the skirt. You can pair this skirt with the blouse, crop top, and kurtis. This skirt can be paired with different tops. With each top, it brings an altogether new look.

    3. Yellow pleated skirt 


    The pleated yellow skirt comes with a traditional and classy touch. Easy to wear and comfortable to handle this beautiful skirt can be teamed up with crop top, blouse or kurta.

    The reason for picking up these 3 skirts are

    • Exquisite woven work: These skirts are made from pristine handwoven cotton fabric that has intricate motifs crafted through weaving only. As we all look something exclusive and unique statement during festivals, these skirts suits perfectly complete our wish. The intrinsic work of handcrafted textile brings a vintage charm with these skirts.
    • Comfort and styling: While looking sophisticated and beautiful is a priority during special occasions, you can’t deny the importance of comfort. The confidence comes from being comfortable in your look add extra charm in look.
    • Evergreen silhouettes: The flared skirt never go out of style. With lavish pattern, it can always be styled in different occasions. Pleated skirt has a classic pattern that suits to lavish parties as well as sober festive gets together.
    • Vibrant and rich color palette:
      • The blue color is quite sophisticated. It is easy to pair the blue skirt with the top of different colors such as ivory, blue, pink, golden or red.
      • The honey color skirt looks highly classy pieces. Another versatile piece that can be team up with crop tops and kurtis. You can pair this light skirt with dark hues top.
      • Yellow color brings the bright and vibrant traditional Indian aesthetic along it while the pleated pattern has a contemporary feel

    You can check the beautiful collection of skirts including printed skirt, embroidered skirt, casual wear skirt, formal skirt, and occasion specific skirts at Bebaak’s online store. Along with skirt, you can find tops and kurtis that can be paired with the skirts.

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