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Bebaak Story — Upcycled

Necklace Collection: Choker Love

Choker Fashion Necklace sustainable fashion Textile Jewellery Upcycled

Necklace Collection: Choker Love

Trends are ephemeral while style is long lasting. Since some months choker is  back in trend. Many of us must have checked our old kit and jewellery box to find if a decade ago bought choker is still there! In Bebaak's textile jewellery collection, which is an initiative to promote zero wastage, we also got stuck in the race of trend. Being a brand which is promoting sustainable clothing, handcrafted products, our value lies in being ownself. We have developed a handcrafted collection  that has an eye for the trend and a belief of own uniqueness. Bebaak’s choker collection is...

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